Monday, August 31, 2009

Building project - Sunday School - with hope and vision for the future generations

Just Another Brick in the Wall

How many I wonder can remember that song? The words go “You’re just another brick in the wall”. Of course you’re not a brick, but you could PUT another brick in the wall!

By the grace of God, the extension on the Sunday School building is up to floor level. Phase 1 was to bring it to the floor slab by the Christmas break, and we made it! On time and on budget – God is good.

This extension is so important for the children and youth in the church, and th
ey are our future. God has such plans for them, its awesome to be a part of the watering and watching God make the growth.

Any contribution is such an assistance, a brick at a time sees growth. There is a long way to go to completion, but each step and each brick, or window, or door helps. Or you can volunteer to help with painting or in some other way.

Please place any contribution in an envelope marked “building fund” into the collection, or check the bulletin for banking details and reference the donation “building fund”.

Thank you so much, and please have a look at what has been done, and pray, please please pray that God’s will be done in the building of this extension and in its use thereafter.

~ blog from Irene Bradley

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