Saturday, July 3, 2010

Each precious child - TIMION

Timion -is the project run by Daniel and Anika Meyer and is a Greek word meaning the child is precious. Click on Timion to be taken to their website.

Daniel and Anika work with disabled children at clinics in the Koega region, training the mothers or carers in some physiotherapy that they can use to assist the child, and making equipment for them.

"We want to help these children by providing physical help, BUT much more important: We want to love them, as God loves them, and encourage their parents to love them, and show them that they are precious in God’s eyes"

In the new workshop at Lootpark Units 7 & 8, J Bay, Daniel makes the wooden standing frames and wheelchair inserts seen here, whilst Anika sews the cushioning for these and for cushions used to help the children lie in the correct position. As Daniel explains “Most severely disabled children spend most of the day lying in a poor position. This limits function and development, has a negative effect on spasticity, causes deformities which can lead to breathing difficulties.” It is also important that some sort of standing position be enabled to assist the child’s development, and hence the standing frames. For those with some standing ability, walking aids are produced.