Tuesday, November 24, 2009

use all you've been given for God - some possible options

In no particular order:

If you'd like to get involved, please email jbaybaptist@gmail.com

-folks to help sand and paint equipment
-folks to sew
-folks to donate materials

Other needs

7th Heaven
-folks to visit and play with the children?
-folks to help with homework?
-folks to donate school materials?
-baby formula
-fixing up play room (lots of work – paint, roof, sealants etc.)
-prayer warriors

Other needs

Joshua Project

Project needs

Building Fund
-folks to come up with ideas for fund raising
-folks to help run with ideas for fund raising

Ladies' Dorcas Fund
-this fund is a benevolent fund and anyone can contribute to it by making crafts that are sold by the ladies at their meetings and at an annual fete.

Visiting Team
-folks to visit the sick and elderly
-folks to visit the members of the church family when there is a need

Small Group

-leaders and/or hosts

-help setting up tables and washing table clothes
-help set up, serve and wash up in the kitchen
-stewards to give a warm welcome and to show newcomers to seats
-singers and musicians to join the worship team

Sunday School
- teachers