Friday, October 29, 2010


Hey Everybody. Hope you are all well. We are currently moving all our info onto our new website. Exciting, our very own website. We are systematically moving everything across so you can see the progress so far at Take a look around the site.

You can download the latest sermons for the James Series as well as all the previous ones if you missed out.

See you all on sunday. : )


Saturday, October 9, 2010


We celebrated a very special occasion with the 90th birthday of Mrs Myrtle Jenkins, a beautiful and blessed lady who has herself been a blessing to family, friends and to this congregation over the years.

We thank you Auntie Myrtle for what you have been to us, and praise the Lord for His hand upon you. A special thank you also to those who worked so hard from love to celebrate the occasion.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Thank you to all the helpers, donors and supporters who made the day a success. We had good fellowship with one and all who worked the morning there or who came past to visit and buy. The Lord was indeed with us.
We raised around R3 000 for the church funds which was very blessed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Each precious child - TIMION

Timion -is the project run by Daniel and Anika Meyer and is a Greek word meaning the child is precious. Click on Timion to be taken to their website.

Daniel and Anika work with disabled children at clinics in the Koega region, training the mothers or carers in some physiotherapy that they can use to assist the child, and making equipment for them.

"We want to help these children by providing physical help, BUT much more important: We want to love them, as God loves them, and encourage their parents to love them, and show them that they are precious in God’s eyes"

In the new workshop at Lootpark Units 7 & 8, J Bay, Daniel makes the wooden standing frames and wheelchair inserts seen here, whilst Anika sews the cushioning for these and for cushions used to help the children lie in the correct position. As Daniel explains “Most severely disabled children spend most of the day lying in a poor position. This limits function and development, has a negative effect on spasticity, causes deformities which can lead to breathing difficulties.” It is also important that some sort of standing position be enabled to assist the child’s development, and hence the standing frames. For those with some standing ability, walking aids are produced.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Son Surf | Skate - People

When you have a moment, please ask them about the exciting things that they are doing to minister to this special group of people in Jeffreys Bay and surrounds.

Roy Harley(African Regional Director)
Jonty Bougas(Media Co-ordinator)
Richard Leonard(South African Director)
Bradley Jones(Son Skate Director)
Sam Leonard(Office Manager)
Jana Bougas(SA Prayer Co-ordinator)

You can also find out about the ministry that these folks are called to by clicking on the link on the right hand bar...

Monday, May 10, 2010

CAN YOU HELP? Joshua Project - Needs

Prayer, prayer, prayer.
Finances (Sponsors, big or small)

Food i.e sugar, mielie meel, rice, soya, soup, oats, margarine, cooking oil, jam, peanut butter etc.
Incentives for kids i.e. sweets, chips, cookies etc.
Sponsorship for kids camps, outings
Supplies for craft activities i.e.: construction paper, colour pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and colour paper etc.
Kids & Educational dvd's
Sport/games equipment: skate boards, rollerblades, balls (all shapes and sizes), volleyball net, puzzles, kids board games etc.
A trailer
Fold up stretcher/single bed mattress
Sponsorship for staffing positions
Caravan (cost R8 000)to use for HIV and AIDS frail care
Medical supplies i.e. plasters, paracetomol/pain tablets, cough medicine, mercurochrome, surgical gloves
Cleaning supplies ie: washing up liquid, washing powder, all purpose cleaner.

If you can supply any of these things, please email us or click on the link to the Joshua Project home page and email them directly. If you can't provide any of these things, please pray that God will prompt people to provide these much-needed items for the Joshua Project in Jeffreys Bay.

Monday, March 29, 2010

7th Heaven Children's Haven ** Special prayer request

*** Funding is a real issue and the family do not have their own home at the moment. Please pray for provision.***
The J-Bay Baptist Church is coming alongside in a very real way with the Let us tell you a little about this place of safety, love and restoration for vulnerable children.

Nelly Senong is pictured below left, and is the house mother. From her teenage years Nelly felt that God would call her to work with children – but where?
Following 6 years of teaching and waiting in expectation for a call to the Congo or somewhere, Nelly realised she must not expect a particular thing, just wait. Sure enough she woke one morning knowing that what was on the radio right then was for her, but she had missed catching it! Badgering the radio station, she discovered it was a call from the Eagle’s Nest church in J Bay for a counsellor so off Nelly set on the bus, not even knowing where J Bay was till after she bought the ticket! Nelly soon however found herself working with homeless children, her first love and calling.
From a tiny house in Pellsrus, prayer led to the Lord’s provision of the house where the haven now is. However, things have not run smoothly with various management structures coming and going, and for the last couple of years, Nelly found herself without assistance and without a home church. However, God led her to the Baptist Church, and over the time she and the children have been coming here, people have really taken them into the church family and into their hearts.
The church has formed a little committee to assist with admin and finance, and this will eventually lead to a more formal structure to assist with funding appeals and so on.
Meanwhile, the church has launched a grocery appeal. Whilst the church does buy groceries as part of its outward tithing, this does not go very far in a big household! Please do purchase an extra item when you do your grocery shop, whether weekly or monthly, and place it in the box in the church foyer, a bright yellow box – you can’t miss it! There are hardly any funds coming into this Haven from grants, so these groceries are badly needed. If you wish to confirm which items are needed, please speak to Irene Bradley of our church, or to Nelly Senong, the house mother.
First National Bank Jeffreys Bay
Branch code: 210515
Account name: 7th Heaven Trust
Account number: 62227513969
Business cheque account.