Monday, May 10, 2010

CAN YOU HELP? Joshua Project - Needs

Prayer, prayer, prayer.
Finances (Sponsors, big or small)

Food i.e sugar, mielie meel, rice, soya, soup, oats, margarine, cooking oil, jam, peanut butter etc.
Incentives for kids i.e. sweets, chips, cookies etc.
Sponsorship for kids camps, outings
Supplies for craft activities i.e.: construction paper, colour pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and colour paper etc.
Kids & Educational dvd's
Sport/games equipment: skate boards, rollerblades, balls (all shapes and sizes), volleyball net, puzzles, kids board games etc.
A trailer
Fold up stretcher/single bed mattress
Sponsorship for staffing positions
Caravan (cost R8 000)to use for HIV and AIDS frail care
Medical supplies i.e. plasters, paracetomol/pain tablets, cough medicine, mercurochrome, surgical gloves
Cleaning supplies ie: washing up liquid, washing powder, all purpose cleaner.

If you can supply any of these things, please email us or click on the link to the Joshua Project home page and email them directly. If you can't provide any of these things, please pray that God will prompt people to provide these much-needed items for the Joshua Project in Jeffreys Bay.